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Wilde Creative Productions

Who we are

Wilde Creative Productions was established by two creatives with a vision. The thought came after being in the industry collectively for over 20 years, with experience both behind and in front of the camera. 

With soul, imagination and a unique edge, they set out to bring creatives together, develop their client’s visions, and bring them to life. Producing high-quality photo and video material with exclusive live streaming, creating a connection to deliver a comprehensive end result. 

Wilde Creative Productions works with a visionary creative team, by communicating, sharing ideas and always having a clear, well organised plan, from the bigger picture to the finest detail. Allowing each other to have an individual contribution towards their work, they support sharing ideas collectively, from different backgrounds.

Having travelled the world, Wilde has respect and understanding for different approaches, cultures, nationalities and are always prepared to keep an open mind towards everyone’s needs. “We focus on our clients goals and end result for a diverse and organised environment, combining great skills and experience”.

Wilde Creative Productions focuses on a safe and fun working environment. Taking into consideration a variety of personalities, age groups and cultures. “Our strengths lie in fast and clear communication skills, to ensure satisfaction between Wilde and our clients, not to mention our contribution and honest opinion forming lifelong relationships.”

who are the

Wilde Creatives

Mieke Ola

Creative Director, Co-founder

Getriin Kivi

Creative Director, Co-founder