about wilde

Wilde Creative Productions is a Cape Town based full-service creative direction and production agency. With soul, imagination and a unique edge, they set out to bring creatives together, develop their client’s visions, and bring them to life. Producing high-quality photo and video material. Get in touch, we would love to connect with you. 


What we do


Launch or elevate your brand image with a fashion or brand campaign. A campaign is a vital part of any business to connect your product to your target market.


From concept to castings, location scouting, budget management and crew bookings, we will create and produce your entire TVC, start to finish.

social media

We all know the massive impact amazing social media content can do for your business. It is so important that your brand has content that your customers can relate to and will keep following.

brand films

Differentiate your brand from your competitors with a stylised and carefully crafted film. Express your brand image and inspire your viewers.

New campaigns

Latest Projects


"Working with Wilde Creative Productions was nothing short of fantastic. They bring in an immense amount of professionalism and energy to set and are always looking for ways to better whatever the scene/shot requires. I look forward to working with them again."

- Ramzi Mansour


"Wilde Creative Productions was able to put their experience as a model to work for the brand. They knew how to understand our needs in terms of identity and expression right away. And all of this in a hyper-professional way!"

- Florian Lapp, co-owner Orega Paris


"We approached Wilde productions with a request with a high quality and tight timeline brief. Wilde set up an immediate video call and pitched me several great ideas off the cuff. By the end of day we had a shoot planned out and a week later we were on a high ENERGY shoot with a full team top to bottom. I am beyond happy with the result of the shoot and fully satisfied with the entire process"

- York Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn, owner VRVO Designs


"The Wilde team is so amazing to work with! They produce the most beautiful content. We couldn't be happier with how the campaign came out."

- Colleen, owner Lily Label


“Whatever the objectives of our shoots, Wilde has always found the angle to accompany us towards the achievement of our ambitions. They know how to fill our doubts, answer our questions, and even offer new perspectives to our ambitions. It is a pillar in the perfect accomplishment of a shoot. I hope to have them with us for a long time to come.”

- Sebastien Bonnaud, co-owner Orega Paris